Focuses on a company’s environmental disclosure, environmental impact, and any efforts to reduce pollution or carbon emissions.


Refers to the workplace mentality (e.g. diversity and labour practices) as well as any relationships with community and customers - ranging from human rights and philanthropy to data security and product safety.


Accounts for board effectiveness, compensation, management of legal and regulatory environment, shareholder rights, and anti-corruption approaches.

Responsible investing is widely understood as the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment processes and decision-making. No longer a public relations exercise, investors are incorporating ESG assessments into their own portfolio management strategies to support value creation and to mitigate risk. ESG stocks now consistently outperform other stocks. Effective ESG processes can deliver lower operational and capital costs and mitigate the risks of litigation and reputational damage. ESG has also become a critical part of managing risk within a company’s supply chain.

PRISM provides a high quality, global, independent, ESG evaluation service. Through data collection, scoring and rating companies, based on ESG data and insights, we aim to influence significant behavioural change and drive capital flow toward ESG performance. We help our clients to report ESG information in their annual report, in standalone sustainability reports or in integrated reports. We enable our clients operating in frontier markets to understand the adherence of their counterparties, joint ventures and suppliers to ESG factors, to ensure they have 360-degree oversight over their operations. We work with our clients, drawing on the appropriate frameworks, including GRI, SASB, CDP and TCFD, to measure, assess and report on their ESG initiatives, risks and opportunities.

PRISM also conducts Stakeholder Engagement, helping our clients engage positively with local stakeholders and understand local dynamics, including the nature of relations between key local stakeholders. Using visualisation tools, we map local stakeholders and help our clients build sustainable risk mitigation programmes.