Political Risk & Advisory

PRISM works on a retainer basis providing proactive and reactive political risk information to our clients. We work as an analytical resource to enable our clients to assess the strategic implications of unfolding social, political and economic issues for their operations. In practical terms we provide regular analysis on issues such as national political dynamics, including mid- to long-term scenario political forecasts and the implications of geopolitical undercurrents.

Our in-house economists provide macro and micro-economic analysis, looking at how changes in inflation, growth rates, gross domestic product etc can affect our clients’ operations and examining the economic health of joint-venture partners, often State-Owned Enterprises (SOE’s). In an environment of increasingly unreliable economic data and growing populism, we also look behind headline economic growth to gauge social stability. PRISM provides monitoring of regulatory and operational issues. Our consultancy also provides objective analysis on security threats to our clients’ operations and assets.

We also prepare country risk assessments to identify investment opportunities and we evaluate current and future exposure to sanctions or changes in government policy and regulation.